Experiencing Thunder as a Teacher

Experiencing Thunder as a Teacher

I’ve really felt pulled recently, as you may start to notice on our website and social media, to share more of the lessons I’ve learned from my personal healing journey. I know a lot of people online share their unsolicited opinions and suggestions for a healthier life and this has a tendency to sound like speaking with an ego; but, what I really hope to do is share with an open heart and an intention that by being vulnerable and honest I’m able to help someone find ways to help themselves and most of all to help someone feel less alone. 

I’m always brought back to thinking about when I was young and growing up, experiencing so much angst, heartache, disappointment, and loneliness while trying to learn from the world around me without much energetic guidance or rootedness at all. All I can think is, ‘share this for her’. Share the words and lessons you’re learning for those who may be searching for help and healing. Share it for your past, your present, and your future. Share it out of love and share it with truth and authenticity.

So I share these words for you in the hopes that maybe as you read this you feel a little more hope, a little more joy, and a little more wonder and appreciation for the seen and unseen life and energies around you.

Today I wanted to share something I wrote after a recent meditation, something I hope to do often to tap into the healing energies that are here to help us through our journey. My intention was to pull a card for a message of inspiration for this post and I pulled the card Thunder.

I think the visceral and immediate response we often feel towards Thunder is fear. It’s a deep, gut response to find shelter, to run. But in thinking about this I find comfort in the power Thunder represents. Thunder can be a signal for disruption and change but not all disruption and change is bad. Often, disruption and change bring us new experiences or opportunities that may seem dark or scary at first but actually lead us to more abundance and learning. What may seem like a struggle is often growth. And what may seem like disruption is actually your energetic vibration lifting to a higher, more positive level. Change can also be hard and that’s okay and important to acknowledge. We can’t force ourselves full steam ahead to try and push through the discomfort, but I like to remember that Thunder is of the sky, of heaven, of a universal higher mind and it gives me comfort to know that Spirit is supporting me even when I may not be certain of my path. I let the light of the stars guide me in the darkness, even if they’re faint above the stormy clouds I seek them out. I let the roar of the thunder fill every cell in my being, my bones. I allow myself to truly feel it. It shares its power with me in its vibration. I let it grab my attention and bring me to the present moment because in the present moment I’ll be able to find clarity.

I also like to remind myself that Thunder doesn’t actually cause any harm. It’s just a sound, a shift in atmosphere following the electricity and illumination of lightning. It’s abrupt, but it gets your attention and makes you focus in on what’s immediate. I find this to be such a beautiful reminder that we can’t control the past or the future and become distracted by it, we can only live in the present and allow the light of lightning illuminate what we’re meant to learn.

Another beautiful aspect in experiencing Thunder is that it often brings us rain. Beautiful, healing, nurturing rain. Without rain and water, we’d have no life on this beautiful earth. Without the ability to heal and cleanse, we’d have no growth. Water is the element associated with emotion and I find this to be another reminder to allow yourself to truly feel what comes your way. Don’t stifle down what brings you shame, or fear, or discomfort. Breathe through it, acknowledge it, and allow it to be your teacher. Allow the experience of Thunder – the visceral attention grabber, to allow yourself to fully embrace the rain and emotion it brings. You will come out the other side with a grateful heart for having given yourself the opportunity to truly feel and change for the better.

I hope to see you on our social pages where we can dig into a discussion of what Thunder represents to you and how it can bring about your own healing.

Sending you love and light always,