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  • A woman walking through dried brush

    The Energy of a New Year

    The energy of a new year is often inspiring and makes us feel ready to set goals and be productive. Many set resolutions for better health, achieving things at work, improving or finding new relationships. But I think we all know what often happens. You 

  • An image of an overexposed woman whose face has blurred but we see her profile

    My Journey with Anxiety

    For me, anxiety often sits at the base of my sternum just beneath the crevice of my ribcage. It often flutters like a strange restlessness of a panicked butterfly I never intended to swallow. Like someone flipped a switch and started a strange buzz of 

  • An image of a hand holding a colorful card of moons and buffalo in the sky with the word Thunder

    Experiencing Thunder as a Teacher

    I’ve really felt pulled recently, as you may start to notice on our website and social media, to share more of the lessons I’ve learned from my personal healing journey. I know a lot of people online share their unsolicited opinions and suggestions for a 

  • How to stay well during difficult times - Two Wolves Wellness

    How Can We Stay Well During Difficult Times

    Sometimes, in times like these, it almost doesn’t feel real what’s happening around you and around the world. Even for me being in one of the recent hot spot cities of San Antonio, but, it is real. People are getting sick and dying nearly every 

  • Coping Through Self-Isolation

    8 Ways to Help You Cope During Self-Isolation

    What a world we live in these days. First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. We are grateful and feel humbled by the fact that we personally still have our jobs, we still have access to healthy 

  • Pack Ponderings - Self-Isolation

    My Personal Thoughts During Self-Isolation

    COVID-19 has completely shaken our society and normal way of living and for many, it’s presented challenges financially and socially. My heart breaks for the thousands of people who have lost their jobs just in our city, not to mention worldwide. Something as easy as 

  • Pack Pantry: Power Green Soup - Two Wolves Wellness

    Pack Pantry: Power Green Soup

    Knock on wood, we haven’t gotten seriously sick in quite some time. We truly believe that our healthier diet and lifestyle has kept us cold and flu free. It’s easy to take for granted the power our food can have in our bodies and that 

  • The Two Wolves Wellness Podcast - Episode 6 - Marriage, Relationships, and Community

    Episode 6: Marriage, Relationships, and Community

    This week we talk about all things marriage, relationships, and community and how that relates to our overall wellness. As humans, we have an innate need to be a part of a unit of other people. As we journey through life we learn so much