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Hi, I’m Rosalyn! I’m so glad you’re here because that means you may be curious about Reiki and energy healing. These powerful practices have become more known and openly shared in the last few decades and people around the world have shared how Reiki has helped with physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.

Finding Reiki personally was such a life-changing experience. From a young age I suffered with anxiety without realizing what it was for a long time. Over the years I found practices like meditation and yoga as well as counseling. After college I found energy healing and practiced other energy techniques for a while but had always felt called to help those around me. I felt that if I had received so many positive outcomes from energy healing there must be a way I could share that with others. Lots of research and personal sessions later, I found Reiki and became trained in Usui Reiki Ryoho.

If you are interested in booking a session email me at or fill out the contact form on this page. I can’t wait to work with you!

In-Person Sessions

$83 USD

60-minute in-person sessions are held in Rosalyn’s at-home studio in San Antonio, Texas.

Distance Sessions

$65 USD

60-minute distance sessions are held over Zoom.

What do Rosalyn’s Reiki services provide?

My Reiki sessions are either in-person or virtual distance sessions held over Zoom. Both sessions begin with time to discuss any questions or areas of concern a client may have as well as any areas they’d like to focus on during their sessions.

Then the client will lay on my treatment table comfortably or find a peaceful space in their own home where they will not be disturbed. I like to have my studio feel cozy and inviting. I often use tools like music, incense, essential oils, crystals, tuning forks, and pendulums to create a space of calm and relaxation.

Once the session begins, the client may feel a variety of sensations or nothing at all. They may sense hot or cold areas in their body, feel unexpected emotions, or just feel relaxed and peaceful. All of these are perfectly normal. Each session is unique to the individual.

Once the Reiki portion is completed, the client and I will discuss any questions that may have come up and also take the opportunity to pull oracle cards for deeper insight into the session if desired.

What is energy work or energy healing?

As we all probably learned in school when we were young, everything has energy and that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but it can be manipulated and changed. Our bodies are made up of this energy and as we experience our daily lives different situations, people, personal mindsets, and current culture have the potential to influence our energy. We may feel joyful and happy or we may feel stressed and anxious all because of an encounter or way of thought.

Through cultivating a healthy set of boundaries and lifestyle habits we can keep our personal energy balanced and in harmony with our body, mind, and spirit. And when we’re out of sorts and feeling off, there are so many tools that can help us to release any negative energy, reduce our stress, and rebalance our mind and emotions. These tools could include exercise, being out in nature, doing a favorite hobby, or meditation. Reiki and energy healing are similar tools and have been taught through generations of practitioners as a way to reach harmony energetically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese, complementary and noninvasive healing technique that has spread around the world through traditional teaching for its simple way of bringing peace and healing to practitioners and clients. Reiki utilizes universal (“Rei”) lifeforce energy (“ki”) to bring balance to the body’s energetic system. This “ki” is also known in many other traditions as “Chi”, “Prana”, “Qi”, or “Mana”. The body’s energy flows through channels much like meridians that an acupuncturist may use to stimulate the flow of energy to promote healing. Reiki works in a similar way with a practitioner using the flow of lifeforce energy through their hands, whether hands-on or hands-off, in-person or from a distance, to stimulate the flow of energy within a person’s body to promote their own self-healing.

It’s no surprise to anyone that society today promotes a high paced and maximum achievement focused way of living. So many of us get caught up and lost in the effort to keep up with what we believe to be expected of us. This leads to feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and unwell both mentally and physically. The stress response our body creates has the potential to send us through total imbalance not only affecting our emotions and mental state, but by creating physical symptoms and ailments as well. Receiving Reiki can be a beautiful way to aid in stimulating physical healing as well as a way to set aside time for peace, tranquility, and the reduction of stress as Reiki promotes deep relaxation and alignment of the body’s entire system.

To better understand the root causes of certain symptoms, many practitioners use the 7 Chakra system as a complementary way to understand the energy of an individual. When a practitioner senses certain blockages near or related to a certain Chakra, that can be very telling as to what may be causing an imbalance. For instance, a blockage near or related to the Root Chakra may be symbolizing stress or fear surrounding a person’s stability, home life, or finances. On the other hand, an imbalance near or related to the Throat Chakra may symbolize that the individual hasn’t been feeling free to speak their mind or maybe their communication hasn’t been heard in the way they intended by others.

The body is so much more complex and intuitive than we often acknowledge it to be. It is an amazing system that often shows us in simple, and unfortunately sometimes complex, ways when something is off within us. By using techniques like Reiki and meditation we can create time and space to look within ourselves to better understand our own issues while allowing the opportunity for self-healing.

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