The Benefits of Proper Hydration

The Benefits of Proper Hydration

Water seems pretty simple when you think about it.  We easily become unaware of it day by day.  We clean ourselves with it, we drink it, we cook with it and yet we often forget how beneficial it can really be for us. We all hear the comments from doctors, friends, and family saying, “Make sure you stay hydrated”, “you’ve got to be drinking more water” and we wonder what the big deal is about ‘proper hydration’.

Rosalyn here, and I’ll be honest, one of the biggest reasons that I used to not drink as much water was because I was lazy and didn’t want to keep getting up from whatever I was doing for a glass of water.  Plus, I didn’t really feel thirsty, so did I really need to drink something? Yes! Believe it or not you are already dehydrated when you feel the desire to drink.

So, what are the guidelines you should follow as you begin to make a habit of drinking more water?

The CDC recommends that to achieve proper hydration women need to drink around 90 ounces a day and men need to drink around 125 ounces a day.  Many nutritionists and fitness couches also suggest drinking similar amounts.  Some even suggest trying to drink as many ounces as pounds that you weigh, and we know, this sounds like a lot – it is.  That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do.

You need water as a fuel source for every single cell in your body.  When your cells have that fuel to do their job, your body will be running on all pistons and you’ll be feeling fit and energized. Proper hydration can be the missing link to helping you feel great!

It’s also important to not substitute water with sweet juices, coffee, tea, or soda.  We aren’t saying to never have those drinks, but ingredients like sugar can dehydrate your body so just make sure you’re drinking water as well as your favorite go to beverage.

So, what are the real benefits of water?

Here are some reasons to keep you motivated to stick to this habit:

  • Water detoxes the body and flushes out bad toxins. If you’ve ever received a professional massage, you’ll know they tell you to be sure and drink a lot of water afterwards. That’s because your body builds up lactic acid as they massage your muscles.  With that extra water, your kidneys can flush out the excess toxins.  It’s just one example of the important function your body carries out as it keeps itself in homeostasis.
  • Water doesn’t just help your internal organs and processes, it helps your skin replenish itself and keep its youthful glow. When you keep your body hydrated your skin becomes more supple and bright.  So, if you’re wanting that youthful radiance, get drinking!
  • Water helps curb your hunger cravings. The signals that tell us we’re hungry aren’t always very clear and often when we feel hungry we’re actually thirsty.  By drinking more water regularly throughout the day, you can more accurately know when you’re feeling hungry versus when you’re just needing to hydrate.
  • Water keeps your body cool and in South Texas, our Two Wolves home, that’s even more of a necessity!
  • Water helps reduce the severity of headaches. When your body isn’t receiving the amount of water it needs the blood vessels will begin to dilate causing a more painful headache.  Keeping your hydration levels up reduces the chances of your headaches getting more severe. It can even reduce the number of headaches you usually have depending on the cause.
  • Water replenishes sweat as you work out which allows your muscles to keep working hard as you exercise. If you like drinking sports drinks, make sure to find ones with lower amounts of sugar and sodium to prevent any possible dehydration.

I’ll admit, it’s hard to drink enough water in a day.  I try to use the pounds to ounces guideline; but even the recommended 90 is tough!  One of the best things I’ve done to help myself create this habit is investing in a great water bottle.

Water bottles have become one of my favorite souvenirs on vacation.  I always have one at my desk at work and next to our bed at home.  When we recently traveled to the Virgin Islands I picked up an awesome 40-ounce Hydroflask from St John Brewers.  It’s become my favorite water bottle and it makes it so easy to drink enough throughout the day.  I usually have a couple cups of water during breakfast and dinner which means I only have to fill up my water bottle when I get to work in the morning and then usually during the afternoon.  By the time I’m getting into bed I’ve met my goal for the day.


If you’ve never heard of Hydroflask be sure to check them out. They’re an awesome company with a great mission of giving back so that everyone can enjoy the outdoors as they help to keep parks maintained and restored.

We know it may seem like a lot of work to keep your hydration levels up but stick with it! You’ll feel the difference and your body will thank you for it.  Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram and let us know how you stay hydrated.

Rosalyn & Nick

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*this post was not sponsored by Hydroflask, we’ve just enjoyed using their products.